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Website Design

About the Project

The 2011 York/Sheridan Grad Show website, The RGD Web Design and Applied Arts awards winning project, was a self promotional project. The website used an innovative custom content management system allowing students submitting and editing their own projects and biographies. Unique horizontal page scrolling was employed to view additional contents, echoing the visual identity and creating a memorable user experience. Sorting system was used to display the students list and design works.

This group project involved with five people from York/Sheridan Design Programs. The general idea of the website was showcasing 2011 design program graduation students' portfolios, promoting the Grad Show, and attracting design industry professionals to come to the show and willing to hire someone to the team.

We decided to use some random shapes under the "YSDN & Co." logo, and gave each student equal chance to let people view their work online. The horizontal page scrolling was pioneer design concept at that time and we decided to take the challenge.