Toronto Citizenship Class Toronto Citizenship Class

Logo & Branding // Web Design

About the Project

Toronto Citizenship Class was a website requested by Golden Apple Citizenship School. The goal of the website is showing the general information of the school, promoting the school, and getting more class members.

Design Concept

This is a Simplified Chinese website, and the logo has been designed by another designer. ZSS's task was designing a mobile-friendly website, with the colour theme of red and HTML5/CSS3. After a few concepts discussion, ZSS decided to do one-page website, since there is a few information than the regular multi-page websites.

With the help of Font Awesome Icons website, most of the icons ZSS manually designed before can use the easy way to input into the website.

Website has been diivided into six sections:

Front Page: where showcase other five different sections of the website. JavaScript driven image loading header slideshow.

About Us: Where some information and images about the school. Image rollovers were designed with CSS.

Services: this part provided information about the services Golden Apple Citizenship School can provide. It is also designed with CSS rollover.

Charges: the plan of charges for class. Table was designed with CSS.

Course Schedule: Imported from Google Calender, the School can update the schedule by themselves after website delivered.

Contact Us: Map imported from Google Map. With the help of JavaScript, the contac page can automatic distinguish an empty form and the filled form.