Love Bay Restaurant Love Bay Restaurant Love Bay Restaurant Love Bay Restaurant

Logo & Branding // Printing

About the Project

The Love Bay restaurant locates at Toronto Yonge street. The owner wants switch the current restaurant from high-tea into Hong Kong style cafe. They would like to keep the current interior design, layout, and kitchen so that the main colour for the new VI and logo should use the colour blue and yellow.

Design Concept

With the target group of Chinese background mid-class, youth, and international students, the entire logo use traditonal Chinease combined with English as the main design element. The two Chinese characters "Love Bay" inter-connect with each other indicate the restaurant is not only a place for delicious food, but also a place for communication and reunion.

The banner uses seawave, birds, and sea star as background. It means the restaurant is a relax and joyful place after a long journey, no matter what kind of journey you take.