Hospital Education Brochure Hospital Education Brochure Hospital Education Brochure Hospital Education Brochure


About the Project

Hospital education brochures were requested by Daiqng People's Hospital Maternity and Children Care Division in 2013. There are three brochures including in the design package: Prevention for the transmission of AIDS through mother to child, Prevention for the transmission of hepatitis B, and prevention for the transmission of syphilis through mother to child. All of the contents are in Simplified Chinese. So far, the brochures have been printed for more than 5,000 copies.

The routine way of designing hospital brochure in China is using a photography in front, in this case, a laughing baby with his or her mother, and a hospital building behind them. I would like to break the rule and introduce something different for this project. Therefore, I decided to use illustrated characters and vector images for this brochure.

Three colours applied for three brochures, purple for AIDS brochure, orange for hepatitis B brochure, and blue for syphilis brochure. Three abstract mother huge baby images were designed and put on the brochure cover. AIDS and hepatitis B brochures are tri-fold and the syphilis brochure is double parallel reverse fold for more content. In each brochure, colour was highlighted for each individual section. education diagrams were made into vector.