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Logo & Branding

About the Project

In early 2013, three departments in Daqing (China) combined together, named as Daqing Culture, Sport and Travel Group. Logo is the primary request for the group. Z Square Studio submitted three design concepts for the logo design campaign.

Design #1: The shape of the logo comes from the traditional tangram and three colours stand for three departments. The white space inside the tangram made up the word “Wen” (means culture in Chinese), and the English characters “T” and “L”. At the same time, it is also the shape of a running man, gives the meaning of catching up to the lovely present and running to the great future.

Design #2: In this design, the three-waved-strokes come from left to right and merge together into one, which means the three divisions combined together and the power will as strong as the sea wave. The logo likes a huge cruise that means the new department will ship the city to the new future. Moreover, this logo also looks like the math symbol of infinity that define as there will be a great many impossible things become possible.

Design #3: In this design, the three strokes merged together and become one-stroke means three departments combine together and become one unit. Moreover, four-strokes together look like the eagle’s eye, which means perspicacious notices quickly, look far ahead and aim high. Furthermore, the shape of the logo looks like a sailboat. It means the department has the ability to make the city’s dreams come true.