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Logo & Branding

About the Project

Bao Qilin (in English, it means "Treasure Kirin") is a textile company locates in southern China. The company needs a new product logo applies to the stores, online shops, counters, business cards, and product packagings. The logo should be simple, stylish, and elegant.

In this design, Z Square Studio use the China red as the main colour to show customers that this brand is purely made in China so that the products quality will be guaranteed. Kirin head in the central of the logo showcase the main brand name and concept of the company. The clouds surround the Kirin head has two meaning. First of all, it comes from the traditional Chinese legendary story, Kirin came to the human world with clouds under his feet. In Chinese culture, eight is a great number stands for lucky and richness. Therefore, there are eight clouds surround the Kirin head. The second meaning of the clouds is the company products are as soft as the clouds.